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Fashion Leather Sports Pack Head Leather Multifunction Men and Women General Package

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It's a Fashion Leather Bag for men and women that you can use for multi-purpose. This is a general bag that can be used for your mobile putting, you can put your documents in this bag, or any other things.


it uses genuine Leather material and it has a Cortical Feature which is Level cowhide. It's an internal structure designed like, you can put your mobile and also you can put your documents as well.

For easy people it is a zipper type, that will be easy to open. When you wanna open it, it will open easily.

The Bag size is very small, and its design is very unique with a solid color. You can wear it on your shoulders, and its weight is very low. It is in small size, so it will be easy to hang in your hand.

You can use this bag as a school bag, or you can use it for your picnic, or holidays, and even you can use this in school, college, etc.


This bag has a lot of benefits, you can use this bag to put your phone and your important documents. You don't need to put a big size bag of that documents, just get a small bag and put your mobile phone and documents.

it has a very small size and small weight, you don't feel difficulties wearing this bag. And it is a zipper bag that you can easily open.

It is for men and women, you can put your important documents in this Bag.

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