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Foot Stickers Shoes Stick on Soles Sticky Pads Waterproof Hypoallergenic Adhesive Feet Pad Foot Care Feet

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1. Environmental Protection
2. Silicone anti-slip particles
3. Cotton elastic Cloth
4. Nano environmental protection, medical glue, sticky
5. Easy to take off
6. Anti-cutting, non-slip
7. Save your feet from hot superficies
8. Waterproof and appropriate for the swimming pool

Color: Black, Blue, Red
Size: S, M, L.XL

Size: S code Suitable for European code 32-35 code Length: 21.5cm

M code suitable for European code 36-39 code 23cm long

L code for 40-43 yards, length 24.5cm

XL fits 44-47 yards and 26cm long

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