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Best Mosquito Repellent Patch 120 Pcs Mosquito Repellent Patches Stickers Football Shape Cartoon Pattern Safe Long-lasting Anti-mosquito Paste Sticker

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Best Mosquito Repellent Patch
Best Mosquito Repellent Patch
Repellent Type:Mosquito Repellent Stickers


Pack:24 PCS / Bag=5Bag(120Pcs)


1. Natural ingredients, these mosquito repellent stickers use non-toxic and natural herbal ingredients, non-toxic and safe.

2. No stains, no stimulation, close protection, to avoid mosquito bites.

3. Easy to use mosquito patch can be used for clothes, chairs, strollers, tables or bedside tables to prevent mosquito bites.

4. Professional mosquito stickers are available everywhere to protect your family.

5. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for travel, gardening, barbecue, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities.


[Product]: mosquito repellent stickers
[Material]: natural essential oil, non-woven fabric
[Size]: A single diameter of about 4cm/1.57in
[Weight]: about 120g



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