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LOCKSOSO anti blue light glasses for women men radiation ray blocking blocker computer gaming glass lentes anti luz azul Goggles

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Anti-blue light glasses maintenance Methods/steps Maintenance of anti-blue glasses is just like maintenance of ordinary glasses, cleaning, folding, storage should develop habits. But anti-blue glasses often take off and wear, accidentally will scratch, so there are some small details to remind you: anti-blue glasses stain adhesion, do not use nails to cut, it is easy to scratch the surface. When blue-light glasses are not worn, many people hang them on their heads, collars or pockets. At this time, the range of movement of the body should not be too large to avoid breaking or crashing. Or someone will put them in the handbag. It is suggested that you put them in the hard glasses box before putting them in the handbag, so as not to be worn by keys, combs, copper plates and other small things, or stained with lipstick and other cosmetics. If you don't wear them, you will often put them on the dashboard or seat. This is a very bad habit. The hot weather will prevent blue eyes. Mirror baking is not the original shape, especially plastic frames, it is best to take off the car, or store in the eyeglasses storage box, no matter where you collect anti-blue glasses, be sure to remember the mirror face up. Matters needing attention 1. Wearing with one hand will damage the balance of the frame and lead to deformation. It is recommended that both hands hold the legs of the mirror and wear them in parallel directions on both sides of the cheeks. 2. The left mirror leg is usually folded before wearing, which is not easy to cause frame deformation. 3. It is suggested to rinse glasses with clean water and absorb water with paper towel, then try to wipe them with special glasses cloth. It is necessary to hold the  wire of the frame on one side of the wiping mirror and gently wipe the lens to avoid the damage of the frame or lens caused by excessive force. 4. When you do not wear glasses, please wrap them with glasses cloth and put them into the glasses case. If it is temporarily placed, please put the convex surface of the glasses up, otherwise it is easy to wear out the glasses. At the same time, glasses should avoid contact with corrosive substances such as insect repellent, toilet cleaning products, cosmetics, hair gel, medicine S products, etc. to avoid long-term direct sunlight and high temperature.

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