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Women Shaper Mid-Thigh Body Shapewear Bodysuit Shorts Brilliance High-Waist Panty Modeling Strap Slimming Corset waist trainer

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  • 4 Times Calories Burning Slimming Underwear loses fat on your lower body for a visually trimmed tummy & thighs.

  • Constructed with?Magnet Power Technology that increase body heat while in contact with the skin, the shaper boosts fat tissue breakdown & metabolism.?

  • The optimal compression flattens abdomen removes bulges for achieving an hourglass figure and toned silhouette.

  • Heats up. your core to. maximize fat loss

  • Provides optimal compression to flatten abdomen eliminate bulges /muffin tops

  • Excellent moisture wicking ability

  • Boosts thermogenic activity to stimulate lipid metabolism

  • Net Weight:100g

  • Some customers may ask us why we don't have many sizes.?

  • Because our products are flexible enough to meet the needs of people of 45kg-75kg.

  • Garment length: 41cm

  • What do you hesitate to do? Just buy it.!!

Package Content:

  • 1 X Slimming Underwear1 - QXH90729086_03234007811994978247 - QXH90729086_05342347129200985802 - QXH90729086_03234016111152123523 - QXH90729086_03234027411252317355 - QXH90729086_03234070511134886206 - QXH90729086_03234085111192183274 - QXH90729086_0323403321120413452

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